Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Defining Who We Are Differently

Justin Taylor summarizes Carl Trueman on Luther:
  1. Luther saw church leadership as primarily marked by servanthood.
  2. Luther understood worship as rooted in repentance.
  3. Luther did not care for the myth of cultural influence nor for the prerequisite cultural swagger necessary to catch the attention of the great and good.
  4. Luther saw suffering as a mark of the true church.
  5. Luther was pastorally sensitive to the cherished practices of older Christians.
  6. Luther did not agree to differ on matters of importance and thus to make them into practical trivia.
  7. Luther saw the existence of the ordained ministry as a mark of the church.
  8. Luther saw the problem of a leadership accountable only to itself
  9. Luther thought very little of his own literary contribution to Christianity.
Let's sum that up in two words - humility and service. What a different essential message that is from the self-help, be a better you message that is heard fromthe pulpit so often these days. But it leaves a burning question in my mind - is where we are an inevitable result of the Reformation?

I don't think so - Luther's concern for accountability would provide for this to NOT have happened. Is it an inevitable result of democratization? Again, probably not.

It is; however, an inevitable result of sin. Sins visited The Church and hence the Reformation. Sin visit the church and hence we are here. And so we come full circle - confession, humility, service - that's where we need to go.

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