Tuesday, May 28, 2013


God's View

Jon Bloom @ Desiring God:
Time and energy is money. And money is money. So when we want to get something done we typically want it done as efficiently as possible.

That’s why we are often bewildered when God gives us work to do and then allows the “inefficiencies” of trouble and opposition to consume so much time, energy, and money.
He then examines the issue out of Nehemiah:
This was a costly distraction. Productivity would have more than doubled with focused, rested workers. God gave Nehemiah favor with mighty Artaxerxes. He could have done the same with Sanballat and Tobiah. Why did he allow so much wasted time, energy, and money?

The truth is, he didn’t. In God’s economy none of these resources were wasted. He invested them in building something far more important and precious than a wall. He was building faith.

A rebuilt city and a faithless people would not please God (Hebrews 11:6). History had shown that a strong wall doesn’t save “unless the Lord watches over the city” (Psalm 127:1). So, as Nehemiah and the people worked to rebuild Jerusalem, God worked — through opposition — to build their dependent faith in his power rather than their own. It was the opposition that prompted Nehemiah to preach, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome” (Nehemiah 4:14).

God's perspective is quite different than ours. Our frustration is His tool. Often our obstacles are his objectives.

I wonder how different things would be if we embraced process rather than simply tried to get around it?

Some specific things would be harder and more difficult, but I wonder if the body has a whole might not be healthier. Imagine the world today if the Roman Catholic church had not driven Luther out, but rather embraced and worked with him?

Imagine the world today if the Protestant denominations had not split and split again and had worked through their difficulties and inefficiencies.

Imagine your local congregation if you had worked things through with trouble making couple X.

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