Friday, May 10, 2013


More Mundane Than We MIght Think

Jon Acuff, who always tries to be funny about church, tires to be funny about tongues:
Out of nowhere, Mike started to understand what she was saying. Her words suddenly made sense to his ears. Like a switch had been flipped, he could interpret what she was saying. Overwhelmed with the joy of what he assumed was the arrival of a new spiritual gift, Mike turned to his wife, beaming. “I can understand her! I can understand her! I have whatever gift that is! I can hear exactly what she’s saying now!”

Expecting his wife to hug him with excitement, thrilled that her husband was so gifted, she turned instead to Mike and said simply, “We can all understand what she’s saying. She’s talking in English now, not tongues.”
I did not laugh. In my experience, tongues causes more problems than it selves - unless it is so utterly mundane that the general reaction to it is like the wife, "Yeah, big friggin' deal." Most people with tongues are like a kind with a hammer - everything looks like a nail. Doesn't work that way most of the time. Usually it is just something between you and God. It is also far more prevalent than people might expect. Issue is, the people that get it right, don;t really make it a point to let you know they got it.

It strikes me that generally, the miraculous should be mundane for the mature Christian. If we are close to God, He is going to work. Just remember it is him working.

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