Thursday, May 02, 2013


These things should not compete

A Place for the God Hungry writes:
The Penn State scandal has underscored a fundamental issue that is present in far too many of us:
Some of us are more concerned about the image we project than the kind of person we really are.
They go on to cite examples and discuss this psychologically, but I have to ask how in the world we could have gotten into such a circumstance? There are two underlying facts to such a picture that I find really troubling.

For one, it means that we now view life as we view media. That means we spend a bit too much time with media.

Secondly, it means that people feel they cannot really change. I cannot help but feel that such is in some part a result of a focus on "self-image." If we "feel good about ourselves" we do not need to change anything substantial - just the image we project.

This is really scary stuff to me and it needs a lot of prayer.

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