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A Place for the God-Hungry writes of appropriateness:
A man visits his friend in the hospital. His friend has just undergone heart surgery. The man begins telling his friend, who is barely out of recovery, about other friends of his who died within weeks after having the same surgery. Is this really appropriate?
 A woman confides in her co-worker regarding her marital problems. The co-worker takes it upon herself to call her friend’s husband and tell him about that conversation. Is this appropriate?
Not exactly heartwarming stories. Things get interesting when they discuss three ways to learn how to be appropriate:
  • Be humble.
  • Consider how a comment or story might be perceived by others.
  • Take the time to question the wisdom of what you are about to say.
Let me sum those three point up for you is a single sentence.

Have a perspective other than your own.

That means one must know God as best as one can and know the other. And yet church today seems to be about self. How do I feel better? How do I improve my life? Well, maybe you do so by ceasing to think about yourself.

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