Saturday, June 22, 2013


Comic Art


Talk about a bad guy that should have been more fun than he was - it is Spidey's original baddie, Chameleon. I mean masks!? That's all you got. I mean, if you're gonna change, let's see some change. You know gender-bending, mind-blowing kinds of change. This mask stuff is Cliff Robertson's Clayface from the awful 60's batman TV series. Besides, who can take seriously a bad guy in a smoking jacket.

When this is what passes for power, you have to be "a plotter," you know the kinds, schemes inside plans inside plots all designed to make our hero look foolish. Question, if you're that smart, why are you a villain? I mean really. Think about how hard you have to work to be a plotter. If you're gonna work that hard seems to me you could make more money the honest way. EH, what am I thinking - I am just not maniacal enough.


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