Wednesday, June 12, 2013


From Whence Glory?

Mark Roberts:
What is your glory? What is it that you value most in life? What is the thing about you that people are most likely to praise? Again I ask: What is your glory? Or, in light of Psalm 3:3, it might be better to ask: Who is your glory?


Living for God's glory doesn't mean that we have to start filling our mouths with religious language. Rather, we make God our glory by seeking to honor him in all that we do. If God is my glory, then I will offer all that I am to him all of the time. I will seek to be faithful so that people might catch a glimpse of God through the window of my life. I will be happiest, not when people say I am great, but when they say God is great.

I love that phrase, "catch a glimpse of God through the window of my life." I ran across a post about Christian stuff the other day that discussed "the green room" outside worship. You know, the place where the performers get ready. It made me sad. I do not think a performance is the window of your life. I think that window is how you treat the check out person at the grocery store. Heck, how you treat your spouse.

I don't have evidence for this just yet, but I have the feeling that life is just a performance for so many people anymore and that Christianity is a way to make the performance good. But Christianity is something different - it makes it so goodness is not a performance.

The window of our life is not a stage. It implies someone peeking in when we do not know they are peeking in. That's what God cares about.


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