Tuesday, June 11, 2013


How To Know God

John Piper makes a case for study as a part of the Christian life:
I have never understood or empathized with the view that knowing more about God gets in the way of loving God. And yet there are people who, it seems, build their lives and ministries inside the fog of doctrinal ambiguity.

It has been my conviction, and my experience, for over 40 years that knowing more about God from his inspired, energy-filled word puts more kindling in place so that the Holy Spirit can ignite a greater and greater flame of passion for God in our hearts.
I do not know to whom Piper refers, but I am uncomfortable with his statements. I, for one, do not chose a "fog of doctrinal ambiguity." I know very well what I believe, what doctrines I hold and I work hard to develop reasoning and argument for the why's and wherefore's.

But I am most uncomfortable with my desire to think I have it figured out and my tendency to think I no more and better than those that disagree with me. The problem from my perspective is not ambiguity, but certainty. For certainty breeds a lack of humility that is most unbecoming of the follower of Christ.

We must work diligently to understand things doctrinally and intellectually - it is part of learning of God and the more we know of God, the more we love Him. But unwavering and unhumble certainty in our doctrine does strip us of love. One cannot be loving lest on is humble.

As is so often that case, we set at opposition things that are complimentary. The more doctrine I try to figure out, the more I know how much I cannot know and the more humble I become.


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