Thursday, June 06, 2013


Shifting Gears

Todd Rhoades discusses "5 Crucial Disciples-Making Shifts"
  • Shift 1: From Reaching to Making
  • Shift 2: From Teaching to Modeling
  • Shift 3: From Attending to Participating
  • Shift 4: From Connecting to Transforming
  • Shift 5: From Attracting to Deploying
I really like what he is driving at here, but I do want to pick a few nits.. Firstly "From Attending to Participating" is about the church. I'd change that to something along the lines of "From Consumption to Provision" or "From being fed to feeding." I don;t care if the people work in my church, I care if they feel God's call to work at all.

Second nit - just becasue you deploy does not mean you are not attractive. You deploy simply to spread how far the attraction is felt. This means those we deploy must be attractive.

Nits picked.

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