Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Why Is This Necessary?

David Mathis @ DG wrote a long piece quoting scripture to make Catholics look bad. He called it "Jesus Says to Rome." I am sorry, I respect John Piper and the Desiring God site quite a bit - but this is just ugly and wrong. In some cases it fails to have a deep and true understanding of Catholic doctrine. In the places where he does have a point, the way he makes it is as graceless and ugly as possible. Moreover, at a time when the church universal's influence and reach is receding in our nation, to go after some part of the church over such minutiae kind of misses the point. Such internal bickering is a big part of the reason we are losing such.

But mos of all, the sheer hubris to write in a fashion that pretends to speak with the voice of God reveals on Mathis' part a total conviction and certainty that he is right and the Catholics are wrong. To call such conviction Pharasetical is to understate things. Yes, I disagree with some Catholic doctrine, but it should also be clear I disagree with some of what Mathis holds as well.

In light of these differences, I have a choice - do I cast out Mathis, declare him apostate and bound for hell? Being wrong is not the same as being condemned. I wish more Christians had that idea.


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