Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Justin Taylor quotes John Piper:
Adversity by its very nature is the removal of things on which our comfort and hope have rested and so it will either result in anger toward God or greater reliance on him alone for our peace.

And his purpose for us in adversity is not that we get angry or discouraged, but that our hope shift off earthly things onto God.

God’s main purpose in all adversity is to make us stop trusting in ourselves or any man.

Piper is commenting on 2 Cor. 1:9.

Reliance on God - absolutely. God is at work in our adversity - absolutely. However, sometimes I think God gives us earthly things as a reminder of His comfort and our reliance on Him. Sometimes, those things are removed not because God is removing them to increase our reliance upon Him - sometimes those things are removed by the forces that oppose God in order to give themselves room to maneuver.

Our response remains to remain reliant; however, it is important to remember that blithe acceptance of such circumstances can fail to recognize they forces that are at work. Sometimes we are called to be warriors, and that requires a great deal of reliance.


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