Friday, July 05, 2013


Be Happy

Kruse Kronicle reported on "10 Things Happy People Do Differently"
  1. They build a strong social fabric.
  2. They engage in activities that fit their strengths, values and lifestyle.
  3. They practice gratitude.
  4. They have an optimistic thinking style.
  5. They know it’s good to do good.
  6. They know that material wealth is only a very small part of the equation.
  7. They develop healthy coping strategies.
  8. They focus on health.
  9. They cultivate spiritual emotions.
  10. They have direction.
Some of that I do not understand at all. I mean what is a "spiritual emotion" anyway? Some of that is, I think extraordinarily good stuff, like practicing gratitude and knowing it's good to do good.
But some of it is, I think, dangerous. Particularly the "focus on health" thing. IN this narcissistic age, people get a lot carried away with stuff like that. You see, poor health can indeed impede happiness, but it is very possible to become so self-absorbed in the pursuit of good health that any positive effects are lost in the endless pursuit.

This illustrate the real key to happiness which has a lot to do with learning to look at places besides yourself and your happiness. The root of happiness, like the root of all things, is in God, not in ourselves. I am happiest when I am seeking God's face and not my own happiness. That's about as simple as it gets.


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