Monday, July 15, 2013


Faith Defined

Mark Roberts:
While biblical faith always has theological content, it is not simply giving assent to what is true. Rather, biblical faith is going a step further. It is, for example, not simply believing that Jesus is Savior and Lord. Rather, it is also putting your trust in Jesus to be your Savior and your Lord. When you read the word "faith" in the New Testament, you should think of it in terms of trust that includes belief but goes beyond belief.

For example, several years ago my friend Eric took me rock climbing. He was an experienced rock climber and instructor. It was my very first time out. Eric set up an elaborate rope system which was supposed to guarantee my safety. Now, I knew that Eric was experienced and wise. I had faith, so to speak, in his ability to devise an excellent belaying system using strong ropes. Yet, I did not have faith in Eric in the biblical sense until I actually starting climbing up the rock face, putting my life in Eric's hands. On the basis of what I believed about him and his equipment, I had faith in him. I trusted him. And I lived to tell the story.
For faith to be real it must be more than mere intellectual ascension.

Is your faith real?


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