Thursday, July 25, 2013



Jon Bloom at DG:
When it comes to people being saved, it all hangs on what they believe. So when it comes to teaching, heaven and hell are in the balance.
I thought Piper et al. were Calvinists?!

I do not need to discuss this theologically, let's just look at it practically. For most of the history of Christianity, the majority of people were illiterate. Are they not saved? OK, OK - they don't have to read to believe, but then where is the belief line? Is it impossible for those that do not believe homosexuality is a sin to be saved? I know far too many that think Christ demands acceptance of the homosexual? I know far too many homosexuals that believe Christ will save them.

What in the world is belief anyway? I doubt people this hardcore are going to uby into the whole deathbed confessional thing, so belief must be for some period of time? Oh and then there is the fact that I know all sorts of people that can explain my beliefs better than I can - some who do not believe. Is simply announcing ones beliefs sufficient?

The point of this post is that teaching matters and when one undertakes to teach in a church, one should be serious about it. That's a good point, but this is a bit too much, don't cha think?


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