Monday, July 01, 2013


Investing in Lives

Charles Stanley:
Scripture teaches us to tell others about Jesus Christ. And while sharing the gospel is awesome, it is simply not enough. We should continue to encourage and invest in new believers. Many don't know where to begin reading in the Bible or how to spend time with their heavenly Father.

Of course, God takes each person's spiritual journey seriously, and He won't leave a seeking heart unsatisfied. At the same time, we have a responsibility to invest in the lives of spiritual brothers and sisters by sharing our understanding and experience.
Why does this have to be said? Should it not be obvious? I would argue there are two reasons.
Firstly, investing in someone else's life means they are invested in yours. That's risky stuff. Most of us are afraid of that.

The second reason is related In order to lead somewhere, we have to have been there ourselves. Often such is not the case. Often, we are content with our mere salvation and we ourselves have not made the journey to maturity.

I agree with Stanley here - this is an issue with the church, but I think the cure lies within, not in looking out.


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