Tuesday, July 23, 2013


No Excuses

Jon Acuff Thought this was cute

I found it deeply troubling. My parents would have had better control of me than to ever let something like that happen, and if they both had had a heart attack and were so prevented from preventing me the punishment I would have taken after they recovered would have been extraordinary. But even more troubling to me is the fact that even as a small child, I was being taught to respect some thing and situations and I was taught WHY to respect them.

I think about how we structure services. When I was young and pastors wore robes and there was lots of stuff that seemed less accessible I would not dare dream of something like that. The very form and appearance was something that one was a bit taken aback by - there was simply insufficient familiarity to dream of a field trip up front.

A sermon is supposed to be a declaration f the word of God - that is not something that should be approachable in the fashion of this child.

We've lost something.


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