Thursday, July 11, 2013


The Role of Music

Chaplain Mike:
Five Thoughts from “Church Music Month”

1. It is essential that churches and church leaders have a well-considered and carefully applied theology of worship and music.
2. Music should serve the larger purpose of the liturgy and worship and not be treated as an end in itself.
3. Leadership of music ministry in the church should be pastoral and not just musicological.
4. There is a place for musical excellence and “performance” as special gifted ministry within the church, but ultimately music belongs to the entire congregation as a means of worship and mutual edification.
5. Churches may have a genuine missional opportunity to provide serious music and arts education in their communities now and in the future.

I have emphasized a couple there that I think are vitally important. I recommend that everyone that has to deal with church music, read and think about these very carefully.


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