Monday, July 22, 2013


There Is A Difference

Mark Daniels comments on what is supposed to be a popemobile joke and says:
...our call is to be faithful, not stupid.
I like that a lot. To often people view faith as a reason not to think, when just the opposite is the what is really entailed. Faith should in fact make us smart.

Consider - Jesus took twelve regular blue collar guys and changed the word. Until Paul got involved, after Jesus' resurrection, none of the core guys were well educated types. But they were smart enough to change the world - start a movement that eventually brought the Roman Empire to its knees. That's pretty doggone smart.

Too often we go to church and we turn our brains off. We design worship services that are all about the absence of intellectual activity.

Christ calls us to improve every aspect of our lives. That includes our intellectual lives. Time to pick up a book without pictures.


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