Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Maybe Its Because We Are?

In one of his better posts, Jon Acuff points out:

Why people think Christians are fake. (#3 in 2012)

His example in this case:
I would like to say that, when I became a Christian, I quit making mistakes. I quit sinning. I quit being “prone to wander,” but the truth is I still fail. More than I’d like to. And the beauty of that song and the honesty of that last verse meant a lot to me.

So what verse was the worship leader changing?

That one.

His argument? He wasn’t “prone to wander or prone to leave.”

At this point in the conversation, I realized he was not like me.

Or Peter.

Or David.

Or “That’s not my wife, that’s my sister!” Abraham.

He was changing the lyrics to something like, “Prone to worship, prone to praise.”

Rarely have I run across an example that better encapsulates why I generally object to "contemporary worship." Even in those services that still include some, albeit strange, liturgical form of confession, what is confessed just misses the mark. "Lord forgive me for not being happy and praising you enough this week." Seems we have reduced Christianity to a form of organic mood alteration.
WE ARE WHAT NEEDS ALTERING! And such alterations will not occur if we are unwilling to face what is wrong with us. We are in fact extraordinarily fake when we pretend like "I accepted Jesus and now life is good."

Is it any wonder the nation grows coarser and we grow more alienated? We pretend things are good instead of endure the hard work of letting God actually make them good.


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