Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Monumental Change.

Chaplain Mike @ iMonk has high praise for a book called "The God of the Mundane." He lists many things he likes about the book and it sounds like one I would like as well. Among his points was this:
He repents of being a pastor who preached a God who is “waiting for each and every believer to do something monumental.” (Me too, Matt.)
I may be playing semantics here, but I do think God wants us to do something monumental. It's just that I think
  • A life lived dependent on God's grace is monumental
  • A life lived in thanksgiving for all that God has supplied is monumental.
  • Achieving even the slightest hint of humility in our lives is monumental.
  • "Considering the other as more important than ourselves" is monumental.
My point is, of course, that we have a very wrong headed idea of what God expects of us and what is a truly monumental achievement. God does not expect us to change the world, he expects us to allow Him to change us in ways that are so profound that it is much harder to accomplish than merely changing the world. There is nothing mundane about learning how to be a good bank teller. And I am not talking about doing the teller job well, I am talking about being a good person doing the job well.

And you know the amazing thing? If we were each to achieve these individual monumentals task -t eh world would be transformed in ways we never imagined.


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