Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Not Enough!

Todd Rhoades:
Thom Schultz from Group Publishing says that Group recently polled church-goers and asked them why they go to church. Here’s what they found:
51% go to worship God
10% go to learn something new
8% go to feel better
8% go out of duty–”God wants me to”
5% go for their children
4% go to be with friends
2% go out of habit
1% go because a spouse or friend expects them to go

None of that is enough! Now, I do wonder about survey design. Certainly both "worship" and "duty" and parts of a good answer, and I wonder if the respondents were not forced to pick a single answer from a list of answers. Which leads me to the real point I want to make.

One of the real problems with using these types of tools in church is that they so limit understanding. The more mature one becomes in their faith, the more complex the answer to the question, "Why do you go to church?" should be come. And yet, we expect people to give us these simple, one dimensional answers. I wonder if we even make room for people to reach maturity in the church any more.

What;s really troubling is that media ave discovered that the key is not to have a large audience, but a loyal one - one consumes first the book and then the movie, and then the TV show and then the web site and the merchandizing and the....

I wonder what a church following that marketing strategy would look like?


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