Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"The Spiritual Voice"

Nick Rynerson talks about the fact that Christians these days seem to talk different:
One thing that I have noticed about young evangelicals is the way that they (or should I say, ‘we’, as I am among the ranks) talk normally and the way that they talk about ‘spiritual’ (or gospel, as some might say) topics varies in vocabulary and tone.


What saddens me about ‘catch-all words’ like ‘accountability’ and ‘guarding your heart’ is that they lose meaning and become meaningless assumptions. This has happened with the word ‘gospel’ in some circles. When you attach gospel to everything somewhat spiritual, unless the word gospel has been truly meditated on and expounded, can become flaccid when passed down.

If I could take what he is talking about and a bunch of other cultural phenomena and sum it up, I would say that what we tend to do is create a counter-culture instead of redeem the existing culture.
That's a real problem in our nation that is increasingly fractured into a disparate group of micro-cultures. There are micro-cultures for everything from TV shows to music to etc. They are not things you build a culture around - they are the products of culture, but anymore they are the definition of culture.

And so, by playing this game we lessen what Christianity really is. Christianity can redeem each of those micro-cultures and more - becasue Christianity redeems each individual in each micro-culture.

You don't cosplay being a Christian.


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