Friday, August 23, 2013


Why Is Spontaneity Important?

Todd Rhoades:

Wow… Steven Furtick is getting some bad blog press from some of the watchdog blogs about publishing a resource kit for churches on how to host a ‘spontaneous baptism’.
You see, Elevation Church baptized 2,158 over two weekends recently, giving people the opportunity to get baptized on the spot.

And they’ve published a guide and learning piece showing what they needed to do behind the scenes to make this happen.

Logistics, you might say.

But one blogger finds the document proves that the goal was ‘clearly numbers, and an opportunity to create excitement, get people in the community talking, hence new people keep coming through the doors.’


It’s called being prepared for what God might do.
What it is dear friends is show business! Pulling off a service is show business, let's be honest. It's performance.

I think the critic here has the right idea but is taking the wrong approach. If your going to do show business services, then yeah, you need to get them right.

But is that really what worship is supposed to be like? YOu can feel a part of a sow, but I think you participate in worship and those are two different things. I mean anymore worship has adopted the language of show business, there are sets and breaks and just plain old stagecraft.

Look I don't deny there has always been elements of performance to a church service. Where I have a problem is the embrace of that fact. It was a tendency that we tried to overcome. No more, now its something we celebrate and critique.

That's not good.


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