Saturday, September 28, 2013


Comic Art

Worst Movie Villain Edition

Some things do not translate well to film. Even in this day and age of CGI. Something that looks good in a static image just cannot look good in motion. Or, more likely in a world where movies have budget limits, even the CGI masters cannot get the job done. Today we look at two such examples.

Parallax in the Green Lantern movie. At least they sorta-kinda matched the comic image on this one, but just barely.

Galactus in the Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer movie. SHapes in clouds notwithstanding - PUH-LEAZE.

What may we conclude here? It's simple, when the budget is limited and the image is hard, draw a menacing column of smoke and hope for the best. Yeah that'll work.

I still want to see a live action movie with a cool Galactus. I mean if they can pull off Asgard, and Loki's hat, they can do this.


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