Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Lead Well

Ron Edmondson on 7 Warnings for Aspiring Leaders":What you “settle for” becomes the culture.
  • Mediocrity isn’t created. It’s accepted.
  • Your actions determine their reactions.
  • Don’t assume they agree because they haven’t said anything.
  • You’ll never get there just “thinking about it”.
  • If you’re the leader, they are likely waiting on you to lead or release the right to lead.
  • What the team values becomes apparent by your actions, not your words, no matter how well spoken they might be.
What do all of those have in common? - they are really about other people. Leadership is not a call for you to be something - it is a call for you to do something FOR someone else. That should make you think about the call - a lot.

It's not about being in charge. It's not about getting to tell others what to do. It's not about having the spotlight or being the star. It;s about helping the people that really do the stuff, do the stuff.

So, do you think you are supposed to lead or not?


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