Thursday, September 26, 2013


Some Good Ideas

Jeff Dunn @ iMonk has some ideas to "save Evangelicalism":
  • Share the Gospel.
  • Remember, it’s Jesus Jesus Jesus.
  • Stop trying to make the Bible what it is not intended to be.
  • Learn to think.
  • Love one another.
These are all good ideas in the limited sense that Dunn means them and as he goes onto detail them. I would phrase some of them differently. For example, rather than say "Share the gospel," I would say "return to the heart of our message." I would do this simply because the word "gospel" has become too loaded.

But really, I think I'd just pare down the list to the final two items.

If we learn to think we'll get the "gospel," "Jesus," and "Bible" things right by virtue of that thought. And the admonition to love, if taken seriously solves all possible character flaws - particularly if we think about what it really means.

But here is the thing - if this all came to pass, would Evangelicalism still be Evangelicalism? I wonder if it might not just start to look an awfully lot like conservative Protestant denominationalism.

Which brings me to my essential point. Most free standing Evangelical churches are a protest of and schism from some thing else. So probably the best answer here is to return Evangelicalism to its roots. It's not a church, it's a movement within the church. It'd be hard work living with all those wild eyed liberals, but I think it might resolved all those problem Dunn identifies.


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