Monday, September 23, 2013


What To Do When You Are "Odd"

Todd Rhoades looks at the fact that most pastors are not at all like their congregants. Deep truth, cute idea, but I think he is understating things. Pastors are oddballs, there is something very different to choose that way of life. This can be a huge problem for the church.  But it also strikes me that Christ must have been quite the weirdo. I am not a all sure he would give off that "just a normal guy" vibe."

So I think it a legitimate question to ask how it is that oddballs and weirdos can be expected to attract people to church and the gospel.

I don't have all the answers there, but this I can say with certainty. The kind of attractiveness necessary is not based in current culture, or the latest fad. The kind of attractiveness necessary is of a much deeper nature. And that means that leaders in the church have to work extraordinarily hard to cultivate those deeper things.

No easy task that.


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