Wednesday, September 25, 2013


When Society Changes

Aaron Smith @ Boar's Head Tavern wonders:
If you were a pastor in Colorado or Washington, how would you be handling the weed laws now?
Heck of a question, is it not? Since those states put marijuana on essentially the same legal footing as alcohol, how does one deal with it? In some sense, the footing thing answers the question. One treats it like on treats alcohol.

But that hasn't always gone so well either. That, I think is because we tend to deal in rules rather than reasons. As I see it there are two reasons why, as Christiasn, we wish to moderate the use of intoxicating substances.

The first is that they are self- indulgent. Christians think first of others,not of self- and let's face it, when one is intoxicated, one is potentially a burden on the other.

The second reason is that Christianity should, to some extent at least, be culturally distinct from the world. Many are the things that are legal that Christians should not indulge in.

Maybe the key to all this is that rather than saying "Don't" we should say "Why not."


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