Thursday, September 12, 2013


Worth Pursuit

iMonk, it must be remembered exists largely to proclaim the death of Evangelicalism. However, contributor Jeff Dunn, worried that the death may actually be upon us has declared some ideas to save it:
  • Those in charge need to stop being leaders and become pastors.
  • Grow smaller, not larger.
  • Learn to think.
  • Close down the God Shop.
  • Give up on the culture wars.
I, like Dunn, think there are things worth saving here, and I was really groovin' with this post until that last item. While I agree the culture wars are not the raison d'etre of the church, they are important. Evangelicalism does not need to give up the culture wars, they just need to get smart about them. And then the real issue dawned on me. Note how I said "the church" a couple of sentences ago. The problem is, Evangelicalism is not really a church - it's congregations. Even Evangelical churches inside denominations work to hide and minimize their affiliations.

Are they the people of God? Of course, so what do I mean when I say "they are not a church?" I think they lack two key elements. The first is accountability. The average Evangelical congregation, and specially its pastor, is accountable to no one outside of itself. That is simply dangerous, and more misses one of the essential points of Christ's ministry - it's not about us.

The second thing they lack is an effort to unite the world under the banner of Christ. Virtually all Evangelical churches are trying to split from something. They left another congregation they did not agree with, or as stated earlier, they are trying to pretend they are not really Denomination X. This too, misses one of ht e essential ministries of Christ.

The real answer on how to save Evangelicalism lies on it returning to its roots as a movement, not a church. The movement can save the best of what it has to offer.


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