Saturday, October 12, 2013


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The Villain Made For TV

Obviously comics and television series, usually cartoons, based on them have a lot of cross promotional value and so they shape each other. TV has become the de facto portal into comics and so that influence has been largely running from TV to comics of late. As evidence, I give you the rise of Sportsmaster. Yes, he did appear before the TV shows, but they are what has foist him into the limelight of late. Why? I have no idea. He should be hired muscle at best.

What he is, is action filled. That matters more in the motion filled cartoon series than in the static images of the comics, but even then it is stretching just a bit to have a guy that is just good at sports tackling the Justice League Junior.

They have thrown in a familial connection to some of the youngsters in an effort, I think, to make the character more interesting and to give a story to tell with him in the comics, but this is pure guess work.

I must comment that I hate the fact that in a TV show designed to appeal too young and draw them into comics, we are relying on illegitimate birth as a means to that end. It is a far cry from rescuing orphan which is where Robin originally came from. But I digress.

What do I think of Sportsmaster as a serious villain? (forget fan phenomena.) Oh, I think the closing image just about sums it up.


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