Wednesday, October 30, 2013


No Zombies Allowed

Ron Edmondson:
Perhaps I’m unrealistic…maybe I expect too much from people. I’ve been told that before, but I think we need more than just warm bodies. Even in volunteer positions. In fact, may I push the issue a little further. I think we need warm bodies who are passionate about living out their purpose and willing to fill their positions with vigor.

We don’t just need a warm body in our preschool ministry. We need a warm body who loves preschoolers to the glory of God.

We need a warm body in our parking lot who sees their job as critical to a visitors first experience with a church.

We need warm bodies who will share the love of Christ during the week, at the coffee shop and in the work place, just as well as they warm the sanctuary chair on Sunday mornings.

We need warm bodies who will lead small groups and teach Sunday schools that are committed, enthusiastic and well-prepared each week to disciple people to become growing followers of Jesus Christ.

You get my point. We need warm bodies…but not warm bodies who are simply warm bodies.

Who knows? Perhaps if we raise the bar of expectations we will get people who better meet our expectations.
Let me add something to Edmondson's thoughts here. Are "warm bodies" developing? Are they getting better at what they do, or are they simply fulfilling a role? When we recruit a "wamr body" are we not putting the church and its needs in front of them are their needs? we all NEED to serve - true enough, but don't we need to serve where we have been called and equipped to serve? Isn;t that part of our development as Christians and servants of God?

But if we just fill a slot in a ministry roster are we developing as men and women of God? No really - set aside the rhetoric about serving the church is serving God, etc. Think about it for just a minute. What is being perpetuate by filling slots with "warm bodies?" Is it the Christian life or is it the ministry?


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