Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Single At Church

Jon Acuff, always trying to be funny, well snarky anyway, has come up with a scorecard about being single at church. Some examples:
Married friends try to live vicariously through you, asking questions like, “What did you do this weekend? Road trip? I bet you went on some crazy cool, singles road trip, right?” = +2 points

Someone has quoted the “it’s not good for man to be alone” Bible verse to you. = +2 points.

You didn’t know you were supposed to be unhappy as a single adult until you went to church and found the singles ministry to be akin to a support group. = +3 points
Sarcasm can only carry one so far, so I wonder about the form of this post, but the underlying message is a good one. Singleness is not a curse. God's kingdom is big enough for all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. There is indeed an underlying prejudice against single people in a church, but it is a social thing, not a religious one. It belies a small vision of God and His call on all of us.

Seriously, while I can testify wholeheartedly to the blessings of marriage, I do think it is wrong to say that marriage is what God intends for all, and certainly it is not what he intends for all when they hit 21m graduate college, or whatever marker it is you want to put in the formula. As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a season for everything, and peoples marriage seasons will vary.

I think mostly I just wish that people could get out of their little worlds enough to understand that God;s world is very big indeed. Your path is not the only path, and you better bet that your path is not God's path. We must always remember that he is as far beyond us as east is from west. In the end it is sinful, that is to say placing ourselves in God's place, when we attempt to shoehorn people into certain specific things that do not have a moral component to them.


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