Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Tis Jesus That Saves Us Not Doctrine

Justin Taylor asks:
How Much Doctrine Can One Distort or Deny and Still Be Saved?
Admits the problem, but justifies it anyway:
This is a terrible first question to ask.

But it is not an illegitimate question to answer if we care about sound doctrine and the salvation of souls.
Quotes a whole bunch of "reformed theologians and then concludes:
For more on this, see Horton’s posts “How Much Do I Need to Know?” “How Far Is Too Far?” He is especially helpful in identifying two common errors: (1) assuming that we only need to know the bare minimum that is necessary for salvation; (2) assuming that we need to know everything correctly in order to be saved.
Why not stop with the bad question? I understand, if you are Armenian you sorta, kinda have to ask but that is one of the biggest problems with Armenianism.

You see, ultimately the answer to this question involves judgement - GOD'S judgement! Who are we to even begin to try and fathom God's judgement, let alone think we get it right? It must be remembered that THE root sin is putting ourselves in God's place. All other sin flows from that very presumptive sin. Why flirt with it? Why put ourselves in a place where we can fall off this very bad cliff?

IN the end, Taylor's justification for asked this admittedly bad question is insufficient. We don;t have to care about either of those things - God does. God saves souls, not us. We don;t have to judge in the end - God does. All we have to do is our best. There is an old Marine Corps adage, "Kill 'em all and let God sort it out." Admittedly cruse, but really what I think pertinent here. Our job is to teach all that we can, evangelize all that we can - and let God sort it out.


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