Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Working vs Being Together

Developing unity and friendship among your elders is critical for the health of your church. The way that the leaders of your church relate to one another will eventually be reflected in how the congregation relates to each other. Disharmony at the top will create serious division in the body. Harmony at the top creates safety and security for the flock.
That's advise for control freaks, not leaders. Good leaders will have different opinions - if you want "unity" you want control. If you don't have differing opinions, you have a rubber stamp. Of course, that IS what a lot of pastors are looking for.

Friendship is a different story. Leaders should be collegial; they should respect each other. They should not let their differences lie in the way of their Christian brotherhood. Not all of them will be bosom buddies, share meals and vacations together, but they will respect each other and their opinions.

I seriously doubt if Peter and Paul hung out much at all. They did not agree on much. But they did hold the Body of Christ as more important than themselves - and that is the key. Unity between them would, I think, have reduced the church to another of the minor sects floating around.

Think about it.


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