Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Church Fable

Ron Edmundson:
Once upon a time there was a church that pleased everyone.

You read that right…everyone.

Of course…

They taught nothing…

They had no pastor…

They had no programs…

They never asked for money…

They challenged no one…

They sang everyone’s favorite song…every Sunday…

No one actually attended this church, but certainly no one ever complained either.
There's a bit of the old two-edged sword here that needs careful examination. I realize the sarcasm here, but I wonder if it masks a deeper point. One the one hand, even Jesus' personal ministry was not universally accepted. On the other hand, Christ's vision for His ministry was 100% reliable because Jesus was, well, Jesus.

The problem I have with posts like this is the presumption that the direction in which a ministry is headed is the right direction, and that people complaining is just an indicator that they don't get it - like the people that opposed and crucified Jesus. But none of us are Christ, none of us can have that level of surety about our decisions. We have to be constantly listening and evaluating and listening to stuff we have rejected before because we are not perfect and we WILL screw up.

Of course, one could just say that Edmondson was simply trying to point out that people have different tastes. Fair enough, but here is what I know. A ministry of genuine Christianity will somehow rise above matters of mere taste. It is not about taste - it is not about entertainment.

I know a church that is evaluating changing names and services times. My comment to them was, "If that is what you are relying upon to grow your church, your growing the wrong thing."


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