Thursday, December 05, 2013


Character Matters

Mark Daniels links to a Tony Myles post:
I'm not for sale.

By this I mean I can't soften on what's right in order to get a thumbs up, a perk or a check from someone who would have me give a "thumbs up, a perk or a check" on something wrong - be it themselves or an idea.

Every leader has to face this in a significant way, if not on an ongoing basis.

I'm not necessarily referring to an obvious, under-the-table deal. I'm talking about a grey area where you let your desire to further a dream become a logistical nightmare, or you allow your fear to not rock the boat cause you to water down a confrontation. Far too many good men and women sell their influence and passion to someone who has a big bank roll but a small character... and it's hard to ever overcome it.
What about when it is not one person writing a big check, but pews full of people writing smaller checks that just don't bother if the message is "too harsh," or the demands for personal development are "too hard?"

Most of the people I have met in ministry are well able to withstand the temptation of the big check. It is the frog-in-the-water-coming-to-a-boil thing where they tend to fall on this standard. It's not when they sell themselves whole hog, rather when the sell themselves little piece by little piece that is the problem. "Oh the fingernail on the pinkie of my left hand just is not that important," they reason. The the right hand pinkie nail, and so it goes until eventually it is stuff that does matter.

Cases of "sellout" are rare. Cases of piece out are all too common. Relatedly, it is rarely the case where a decision is made that is just outright "bad." Rather it is a decision that is gray - where we sacrifice here to gain there.

We forget that we have the power of God at our disposal. We do not need to sacrifice anywhere to gain anywhere. God has promised us the best.


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