Friday, December 27, 2013


Great and Small

Ron Edmondson:

What was special about this lady?

It wasn’t her position. It wasn’t her bank account. It wasn’t her connections. (She probably had more power by popularity, but she wasn’t the type to ever use it.) It wasn’t even her abilities. There were others who might have been more qualified, at least on paper, than she was at her work.

As I reflect on her, I think she was special because of what was in her heart. She treated everyone the same; with love and grace. She had a servant’s heart. It wasn’t what she did. It was who she was. She loved people and so she wanted to give them the best of herself.

When I think of this verse I think of her…and many like her. She was great among mankind, because of her servant’s heart.

What defines your greatness?

Are you great, because of the standards set by society, or are you great because of the love within your heart?

In God’s Kingdom, greatness is never greater than when defined by a servant’s heart.
I think Edmondson is right here, but as I survey thing, what we need is people who need to learn how to be small in greatness, not remeasure greatness. Let em break this down.

Edmondson is describing a woman from his youth, no doubt lovely. She occupied a lower space in the organization of things. And that is wonderful. But what we need are leaders that "treat everyone the same; with love and grace," and "have a servant’s heart." The problem is not at the bottom of the org chart - it's at the top.

Where are our examples of leaders that have the same attitude that is lauded in this women? That is what the world needs right now. THAT IS WHAT THE CHURCH NEEDS RIGHT NOW!


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