Monday, December 23, 2013


Is It Our Message?

Greg Laurie:
We are all flawed messengers. But we have a perfect message: It is the good news of Jesus Christ. We can tell people that God loves them, that God will forgive them, but they are separated from Him by their sin. And if they will turn from their sin and put their faith in Christ, they can be forgiven.
I'm sure we'll all agree on the "flawed messenger" part, but I wonder if we really hold to the "perfect message." I wonder if we do not tweak the message here and there just a bit to make it more marketable? I wonder if we truly adhere to the actual perfection of the message or if we find it just a bit too harsh? I wonder if we do not think we are just a bit smarter than the perfect message?

I wonder is as flawed messengers we seek to be worthy of the perfection of our message? I wonder if we embrace our flawed status just a little too tightly because it "demonstrates grace?" I wonder if we understand that the end point of the perfect message is the repair of our flaws?

I think we need to wonder these things continually.


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