Friday, December 06, 2013


REAL Leadership

Mark Daniels on leadership:
Leaders must use a different compass than the crowds.


Ultimately, every person--including every leader--is accountable to the God revealed to the world in Jesus Christ. Christ is the only true compass. Even with Christ as Lord, no leader will ever come close to batting 1.000 in their decision-making.

And leaders, as servants, must be accountable both to God and to others.

But leaders who play to the crowds, be they their employees, their citizens, or their flock, will never lead people anywhere.
If you "play to the crowds," as Mark puts it, are you not, in fact, following and not leading?

Leadership and marketing are two very different things. Quite typically the best selling product, the so-called "market leader," is not the best product for the job, just the best marketed product.

That needs some thought....


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