Monday, January 27, 2014


Balancing Reason and Faith

Dave Bish tries to answer Richard Dawkins with scripture. In an effort to be somewhat poetic sounding Bish fails to directly make the key point, though it is there. Science is not the only means of "knowing." We learning things in many ways. We like to think we are all reasonable and scientific while ignoring the fact that virtually none of us act like Spock. The humor of a character like Sheldon Cooper comes from the fact that while he tries to pretend he is a creature of pure logic and no emotion - his emotions leak out all over the place.

The balance between faith and reason is important for any Christian. Someone that relies too much on direct revelation and feeling can be just as whacko as a Dawkins. In point of fact it is usually such people that "go to war" with the Dawkins of the world, leaving those of us with some level of balance as spectators in a very strange dance.

As a person whose resemblance to Sheldon Cooper is often uncomfortably true, I work and pray for a balance in my faith and reason. Do you?


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