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Comic Art

When last we dedicated this space to villains we looked at my personal Top Five Marvel Comics villains. Today, let's do the same for DC.

5. The Weeper

 OK - come on, you have to love this:
The arch-foe of Bulletman and Bulletgirl, the Weeper is capable of the most brutal of murders, but sheds tears for his victims; he hates to see people happy but feels bad after he hurts them.
Seriously, a guy commits a horrific murder - you, the hero, come upon him in a fit of grief. Are you gonna be able to clobber him? Only if you are heartless and cruel. But then "Heartless and Cruel Man," might make a good new title.

4. Polka-Dot Man

Oh, please, do you honestly think I know anything about this guy? But how can you NOT love the concept?
For some unknown reason, Abner Krill decide to launch a crime spree in Gotham City revolving around spots and dots by assuming the identity of Mr. Polka-Dot. He ended up in conflict with Batman and Robin and used his polka-dots to fight them. He managed to capture Robin only to be defeated by Batman.
Remember the old cartoon concept where you could pick up a hole like it was a dot and put it someplace else making a new hole? This played big in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Anyway, that should be this guys power! Different colored dots make holes that go different places. Tie it in with the color/emotional spectrum of the GL series and voila'. Now you have yourself a villain! And a reason to bring back that idiot costume. (It's how he transports his holes.)

Dear writers, this one s NOT free, send me checks when this idea is a hit.

3. Per Degaton

Time traveling Nazi based opponent of the Justice Society, now we are getting serious. We need Nazis in this modern era. We need Nazis to show that genuine evil has not died. What better way to do that than have one come forward in time and have his evil ideology take root all over again? Besides, I still say comic book Nazis had the coolest toys.

2. Gentleman Ghost

He's a real ghost - he can't die. He is efemoral. How do you hurt him? How do you defeat him. This is a bad guy that ought to turn good. You would think an eternity might make the error of his ways apparent, but no, he just keeps coming. And he is doggone hard to beat because all the good guys powers are so physical and he is not. Of course, some day he'll run up against Dr. Fate and that'll be that.

1. Flash's Rogues Gallery

These guys are goofy to a fault and yet you just have to love them. It is more than nostalgia, or the whole physics geek thing the Flash generally induces and that the Rogues fit so well into. It's even more than the somewhat ersatz form of honor they have show in later incarnations. I think it is the fact that they are bad without being evil. They are lovable. One gets tired of villains that are so homicidally insane they they NEED killing. These are guys you want to see turn over a new leaf and go good.

These are villains worth rooting for.


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