Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Communication Barrier

Stuff Christians Like (written somewhat tongue in cheek):
Do you speak Christianese?

Brethren and sistren, how is your daily walk? How are your quiet times and devos? Remember that seven days without prayer makes one weak! For me, I’ve just been counting it all joy. I’m too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed. I hope you don’t think I’m superspiritual or that I’ve arrived. After all, I’m not perfect, just forgiven. Some people have accused me of being so heavenly-minded that I am no earthly good, but have patience with me please—God’s not finished with me yet!

Why just this morning I was sending God knee-mail and getting into the Word. I was reading the red letters and making sure that the gold was in my heart and not just on the gilt edges of my Bible. I gleaned some pearls and re-read my life verse.
Cute - problem is there is no analysis and there are two very distinct ways to analyze the phenomenon of "Christianese." Analysis 1: these sort of stuff is a barrier to church entry. It makes us look weird and people come to church, hear that stuff and just walk away. Analysis 2: This kind of stuff is used as a substitute for actual maturity. Rather than seeking to have God deeply affect each aspect of our lives, we just add the magic phraseology and Bob's your uncle.

But then maybe those two analyses go hand-in-hand and therefore they do not need to be delineated.


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