Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The Source of Joy

Tony Reinke on the Desiring
God blog:Our joy in God is bound up with our trust in God. The two cannot be separated — not ever. Trust is the backbone of joy. And joy is the outflow of trust in one who is fully Trustworthy.
I know this to be true in my own life. There is; however, a tendency to turn this into a materialistic formulation. If I trust I will have the things that make me happy. I'll have money because I waited on God for it. My wife will be cured of cancer because we trusted in God's healing. But that is a false formulation.

The connection and the transaction here happen on a supernatural, not a natural level. Deep trust in God brings deep joy in spite of our material circumstance. This is true simply because the more we trust god , the less the material matters. I am not trying to be some hippified super-spiritualist here, rather I am attempting to say that the more we trust in God, the less our joy is dependent on the material. Our joy is in God Himself, not in the things that He can give us.

And that speaks to the nature of genuine trust. We do not trust in God because He reliable gives us what we need. We trust in God because he is GOD! That alone is sufficient and the more we trust, the more we learn that.

Is your trust in what God gives or in God?


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