Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Where We Live

Ed Stetzer recently released some stats on pastors and the environment:
We recently released some new survey results detailing Protestant pastors' views on the environment and recycling. This is the latest data in an ongoing study we started in 2008. Of note is the percentage of Global Warming skeptics has dropped since 2010, but is still higher than in 2008.

These results also show Protestant pastors in the Northeast, older pastors, and pastors self-identifying as Democrats tend to be more environmentally active compared to younger, Republicans, and counterparts in other regions of the country.
OK, this is going to sound harsh, but I really, really do not care what pastors think about Global Warming. Honestly - I have attended seminary, there is nothing in a pastors education that even remotely qualifies them to make a determination. Honest to Pete its like asking a four year old to explain how an internal combustion engine works.

Not to mention the political overlay on this, as Stetzer indicates. There is already enough confusion between political and spiritual issues to add this to the mix.

This is strongly indicative of why I object pretty strenuously to environmental activism in church in any direction. Yes, we are to be good stewards, but what constitutes good stewardship is an incredibly difficult question technically and war-starter politically. I have yet to meet a church that had the structure to even begin to forma coherent policy on the matter. (Although if a church wants to hire an environmental professional for such a purpose, I am available, provided the compensation is commensurate with my current occupation.)

The smart pastor is going to talk about stewardship of creation and then shut up, leaving the pews wondering. Anything else is begging for trouble.


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