Monday, February 10, 2014


There Can Be Ministry To The Well Off

Todd Rhoades tries to be funny:
Most of the problems you face today are probably ‘first world’ church problems.

2. Your main video projector’s bulb just blew out.

3. The pizza delivery guy is five minutes late bringing lunch for your staff meeting.

4. The air conditioner in the worship center quit working.

5. The church softball team has lost five games in a row.
This makes me uncomfortable. These problems are indeed trivial, but to say they are "first world" church problems is to imply that all problems that face us in the first world are trivial. I am growing increasingly concerned that the current generation thinks that ministry is something that can only happen to and with the poor. It is as if our material wealth means we are without problem, or more importantly - without sin.

Actually, I think they use the focus of material ministry to the poor as a means of not focusing on the genuine problems if sin and character. They seem to handily think that giving wealth away does away with Christ's admonition that it is easier for a camel.... And yet, such generosity is often just another expression of wealth.

There is nothing wrong with ministry to the poor, nothing at all. We just need to make sure that it is born of our character and love, not our avoidance and denial. That measn that the church need to do more than just care for the needy - it needs to care for the wealthy as well.

In many ways, that is a much harder job.


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