Wednesday, February 26, 2014


What About God's Character?

Ron Edmondson lists seven thing he has or is learning about God:
  • God’s plan for my life is always bigger than mine.
  • When God stretches us we are never the same.
  • God has ways I have never even thought about.
  • God uses people I wouldn’t have expected.
  • God allows the darkest periods of my life to produce the greatest light.
  • God never gives up on me.
All of that is fine, I can't fault it, but it seems to me to be shallow. It seems to be focused on either feeling good about oneself of accomplishing something external. What seems missing is the development of character.

I cannot help but reflect on the fact that God often does not deal in specifics that way. God is not nearly so much interested in our circumstances as He is in us. If we are good people, then we can cope with whatever circumstance. But it seems like we keep wanting God to fix things instead of us - or alternately we want Him to help us look good, but not necessarily actually be good.

There is a real lack of faith in this view. It's as if we do not believe that God can actually make us better - that some sort of self-control is all we can hope for. God has much more in mind for us than that.


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