Thursday, February 06, 2014


What God Does and Does Not Need From Me

Jobn Acuff (being serious for once):
The biggest lie in all of this is the idea that the size of your platform is somehow linked to the amount of glory God receives. That is insane.

As if God is in heaven saying, “Awww, I wanted big glory today but Jon’s blog traffic was down.”

Here is a simple truth I constantly remind myself about God:

“God will not be handcuffed by my failures or unleashed by my successes.”
Acuff is being kind when He calls this pattern of thought a "big lie." It is grossly egotistical, maniacally self-justifying, and if one wants to get theological - it is blasphemous. Thinking that God's glory needs our efforts to be proclaimed is putting ourselves in God's place. That is the definition of blasphemy.

And yet, I hear version of this thought stream echoed throughout Christianity. "If only I had a better sound system, the music would sound better and God would be better praised." "If only we had that perfect stained glass window...." Do I need to go on?

If you really want God to get glory, purge yourself of desire and let Him replace it. Then you, without knowing it, will display His glory in so many ways.


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