Thursday, March 06, 2014



Mark Roberts:
According to this verse, we have "access to the Father" through Christ and by the Spirit. The Greek word translated here as "access" (prosagoge) could refer to the invitation to approach a king or the priestly privilege of bringing an offering to the altar in a temple. In either case, such access was a great honor reserved for special people. How much more amazing to be free to approach God the Father, to draw near as a valued subject and a beloved child. This is an aspect of the peace we have with God, that peace which Christ "preached" to both Jews and Gentiles.

Yet, I must confess that I can take for granted this privileged access to God. I find it so familiar to draw near to my Heavenly Father that I can forget to be amazed that he welcomes me into his presence. Perhaps you share my nonchalance sometimes. Yet, whether you do or not, I would invite you to reflect on the fact that, because of Christ's death on the cross, your sin has been washed away. You are now free and welcome to approach the Father.
I read that and I think about the fact that when one approaches a sovereign, depending on the setting, the approach can be very formal. Even young princes and princesses, when they approach their parents sitting upon the throne are taught to approach with the formality and courtesy of all other subjects.

This is done first to acknowledge the throne. That may be Mom or Dad up there upon it, but the throne is more than Mom or Dad and all must pay proper homage to it. Secondly it is done to remind the child that they may be a prince or princess, but they are not the sovereign. These are both lessons that I think the church largely fails to teach these days. We approach God as a child approaches a parent, but we never seem to approach Him in the throne room. We accept the access, but we never accord the respect.

Someday soon I fear that God will have to remind us in less than delicate terms that while He is our Father, He is also our sovereign. That will not be a pleasant day.


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