Saturday, March 01, 2014


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Since last time we looked at a character that moved from TV to comics and then to the silver screen, I thought this time we'd look at a character that started on TV and should have died there. Yes, today let's talk about famed bat-villain from the TV series - Victor Buono as King Tut. Goofy as hell on the TV show, invented almost entirely as a vehicle for the actor (The TV show was famous for it's big names that played baddies) this character should have never seen the light of day at all. But that TV show did sell a lot of comics so the move from small screen to comics was attempted.

Like a lot of stupidity, the comics could have reinvented the character and made him part of the Bat-pantheon of villains, but the name was tied up in rights disputes and so it never really went anywhere. There was a recent attempt to revive the character renamed "Pharaoh," but it was as a goofy character on the goofy animated series "The Brave and The Bold." This guy has got to be ungoofed.

For starters he is just an egyptologist that gets conked on the head and thinks he;s Tut and tries to take his "kingdom" (Gotham) back. First thing we need for this guy is actual super powers. Let's have him possessed by the spirit of an ancient necromancer that comes upon him as he enters Tut;s tomb for the fist time. This necromancer is the source of the curse of the tomb. (Batman hates magic - this is good.) The necromancer will eventual get his own body back, but needs to borrow the egyptologist's for a while to work the magic necessary to do so - now we have a mummy hanging around and things are starting to get good.

Now we are going to have to get Dr. Fate and the Hawks involved (heroes with Egyptian origins). That'll tick Bats off as he really does prefer to work alone. Now this story is getting fun! Certainly better than lame-a%$ Victor Buono not being funny.

*SIGH* Nothing like a rights dispute to put down a good story. Maybe next time.


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