Monday, March 24, 2014


How Clear Does It Need To Be?

Todd Rhoades
I think these are spot on:

  • Churches are afraid to define success.... 
  • Churches aren’t willing to go through the hard work of establishing and implementing a strategy....
  • Churches find it too easy to play the “faith” card....
  • Churches are filled with pastors who are not leaders....
OK - the last two I agree with wholeheartedly, but the first two have some very real, practical problems.

A church is an institution, but it is also much, much more. How would you define success? If you define it in purely institutional areas you reject the spiritual aspects of it and if you define spiritually, just how precisely do you measure progress?

And then there is the question of a strategy. If our strategy is to produce spiritual maturity in individuals, is not that highly individualized? How do you stratagise that which is different for every person?

Then we come to the overwhelming fact that churches are largely, and SHOULD be largely, volunteer organizations. Volunteers are unreliable, minimally committed and notoriously difficult to communicate with. The adoption of such strategic concerns has lead to the professionalization of churches. Thus the meembership enjoys the show and does not truly become part of the body.

The bottom line is this - the church can learn from business, but it cannot adopt whole hog.


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